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THE DEVIL IS IN IT - The Monochrome Edition

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The Monochrome Edition of The Devil Is In It is available at the special launch price of £110.  

This edition of 200 books are hand-assembled and cloth-covered with de-bossed title art and silver block-foil title on the spine.

The 16 monochrome Drew Christie illustrations are unique to this edition and are printed run-of-page. The typography on every page of the book has been crafted by the Italian graphic designer Flaminia Rossi - individual lines adjusted by hand, spacing of lines and letters are adjusted to give the optical balance and reading experience associated with hand-set letterpress printing. The text is set in two typefaces.

The fifteen ‘history’ chapters are set in Baskerville, a typeface designed in Birmingham, England in the 1750s and cut by John Handy for John Baskerville. Chapter titles and headings are in Mrs Eaves, a serif variant of Baskerville designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996. The real Mrs Eaves was first mistress, then professional helpmate and later wife to John Baskerville in his printing and typesetting business.

The sixteen corresponding ‘narrative’ chapters are set in Berthold Akzidenz Grotesque, first originated as Royal Grotesk Light by the German master type-cutter Ferdinand Theinhardt in Berlin in 1898.

The Monochrome Edition of The Devil Is In It is £110 (UK), approx. US$150 for US purchases.  Each book weighs 5lbs and shipping to the USA is approximately $40.